Seasons Family Centre 

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide families and individuals with a place where they can enrich their creativity through various art forms. We offer creative based classes taught by qualified instructors in yoga, expressive art, cooking & baking, gardening & floral arrangement and enrichment classes as well Winter Break, March Break and Summer Camps. We know that in today’s world, time efficiency is extremely important. Therefore our unique programming schedule offers everyone in the family a chance to be involved in something at the same time! Seasons Family Centre provides clients with a place where everything they need is easily accessible and under one roof!

Our Teaching Philosophy

Our main goal is to foster participant’s self-esteem, confidence and creativity through their own personal artistic expression. At Seasons Family Centre we do this by creating a warm, nurturing environment where everyone feels safe, comfortable and welcome. Our programs are designed to enrich your holistic and emotional being. We believe that providing arts based activities for the whole family in a community based centre helps to promote productive family time. Seasons Family Centre main focus is for participants to express themselves through artistic mediums whereby the process is more important than the product.

Programs for Children: We strongly believe that children learn best through play. Our environment offers children a place where they can be themselves, relax and embrace their self-expression. Our teaching strategy is to encourage children through positive reinforcement to empower them to build self-esteem, confidence and leadership skills. Our programs enable children to use creative outlets to learn to self-regulate their emotions and to foster a healthy, holistic lifestyle .

Programs for Adults: We know that by creating a peaceful atmosphere at Seasons Family Centre we provide adults a chance to engage their mind, body and soul in art based programs which can help foster creativity and confidence. While we have a wide range of programs available for adults, all programs focus on the importance of the holistic self. All classes will give adults an opportunity to build self-esteem and learning while providing a positive creative outlet for their emotional well being.


Nikki Goldman Stroh completed a diploma in photography at Fanshawe College, followed by a degree in psychology at the University of Western Ontario. Shortly after she finished a post-graduate diploma at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute. She is a Registered Canadian Art Therapist. Over the next few years she extended her education through various courses in psychology, counselling and play therapy at George Brown College, Hincks Delcrest and Cross Country Education. For the past several years Nikki has been running art programs all across the city of Toronto at various schools, community centres, libraries and private homes. She also runs play therapy groups at Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Offices and Applegrove Community Complex as well as private art therapy sessions. Nikki has taken several courses in baking and cake decorating through the Wilton certification program. Nikki is currently the Director of Seasons Family Centre.

Published articles written by Nikki about Creativity:

Kimberly Davies completed a degree in Arts and Science at the University of Concordia, followed by a diploma in Early Childhood Education at George Brown College. She completed a degree in Education from York University. Kimberly is currently a registered member with the Ontario College of Teachers as well as the College of Early Childhood Education. She began her teaching career at Deer Park Junior & Senior Public School and for the past four years worked as a teacher at Mooredale Preschool. Kimberly also runs private tutoring classes for Kindergarten through elementary grades in all subject areas. Kimberly is currently the Director of Programming at Seasons Family Centre.

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