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Oops…Is This Really Happening Right Now!

I wanted to write about this now, when it’s still fresh in my mind.  I think you will get a good laugh from this story.

Our parenting schedule has generally been that my wife gets up early in the morning, and I take care of the baby throughout the night. She often goes to the gym in the morning, when Oliver starts his first nap, and I usually wake up to him or wake up just before he does, while Nikki’s at the gym.

This past Sunday I was awakened by Oliver’s screams; he was wailing at the top of this new-found octave. I hadn’t spoken to my wife that morning or the night before about her going to the gym, so I assumed she was with Oliver during yet another one of his FOMO (fear of missing out) sessions. He never wants to go to bed during a FOMO moment, but eventually cries himself to sleep.

At first I thought nothing of it.  But as the screams continued and seemingly got louder, I began to wonder what was going on. Half asleep I called out, “Nikki! Nikki!” After no reply from her, and with the wailing continuing, my senses told me something wasn’t right. I rushed out of the bed in a slight panic and over to Oliver’s room.

As I opened the bedroom, still in a slight daze, I saw Nikki’s cousin Simon sitting there, trying to get Oliver to sleep.  Much to my horror, I suddenly realized I was standing there in the room, completely naked! I was assured of this as I looked over at Simon, who squinched his eyes and turned away from me, using Oliver as a human shield amid the awkward surprise.

I’m sure Oliver sensed something funny had happened, but he was so caught up in his refusal to go to sleep that he didn’t really react. As I shook the cobwebs from my head, I had a good solid laugh and turned away to put on a dressing gown. When I returned to the room, I relieved Simon from the sometimes-difficult task of getting Oliver to sleep when he’d rather stay up and party. And I couldn’t stop giggling to myself about this experience.

Simon began apologizing and explaining that Oliver was displaying all the sleepy signs that Nikki had told him to look out for and that he hadn’t meant to awaken me. And he obviously hadn’t wanted, nor needed, to have the lovely surprise of my naked body appearing in Oliver’s room to see what was going on.

Looking back, I don’t think Nikki was too happy with me that morning, but she kept telling me that when she replayed this story in her head, she couldn’t stop laughing, quickly forgetting why she was even annoyed with me.

This is definitely one of those stories that will forever be a source of amusement and laughter for us as we continue to experience life as parents and all the funny moments we have to look forward to.