Labour Begins

After the induction we were informed to return to the hospital after twelve hours if nothing happened, sooner if there was progress.  We decided to go out for lunch with the future grandparents.  It was our last lunch before becoming parents.   We had no idea what we were in for.  The anticipation was intense, after 41 patient weeks the birth was fast approaching. 

The doctor indicated labour would likely begin between four to eight hours.  For my wife it started at six and I remember it clearly.   We decided to walk to the Tim Hortons which was five minutes away,  however at the half way point my wife stopped and said, “I feel like someone just kicked me really hard in the crotch, I have to turn back now.” This ignited the butterflies in my stomach.  Even though the doctor had given us guidelines for the onset of labour, we didn’t know exactly what to expect, so we waited.   After four hours of discomfort and minor contractions my wife decided it was time to leave.  While getting induced lessened the mystery of the onset of labour, it didn’t diminish the anxiety/excitement of our departure to the hospital.  Having timed the trip to the hospital at the various times of the day, I knew the drive would take no longer than fifteen minutes.  Surprisingly my earlier fears of delivering my child at the side of the road were thankfully absent at this moment.   

The birthing process is something a mother or pregnant woman can relate with, but as a man this isn’t possible.   I did my best to be empathetic, compassionate, supportive and encouraging throughout my wife’s pregnancy.  I read a book called The Birth Partner Handbook ,  we took prenatal classes,  I quizzed many parents about their birth experiences.    While doing these things, I always wondered whether they would be useful or not.  They certainly helped me be well-informed, supportive and a loving partner throughout the pregnancy; but preparing for the unknown is a difficult thing to do.  Ready or not, this was it.

About Pappa Life

I'm a new dad. I've gone through a lot of personal growth in the past few years. I'd like to one day share this experience. For now, I want to participate in the blogging community in order for me to learn about myself and others. Through this i hope to improve my life spiritually, physically and mentally in order to become a better person which will make me a better dad.

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  1. How wonderful and congratulations to you. Seriously. That is the cutest, cutest baby ever. I don’t know how parents don’t stare at their babies all day – it is quite miraculous. Congrats, again.

    • Thanks for the kind words about the little guy! Ps. we do stare at him all day 🙂 Thanks for checking out the site, i look forward to more of your posts they’re awesome.

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